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Roof Systems

Sandwich Panel Roof Systems

Maximizing Durability and Efficiency

A critical component of every building, the roof bears the brunt of natural elements such as rain, snow and storms. Sandwich panel roof systems have been developed to increase the durability and efficiency of roofs in various structures, including industrial warehouses and residential buildings. These panels are very important not only in architecture, but also in ensuring the longevity and functionality of the building envelope.

Features and Benefits of Sandwich Roof Panels

Sandwich roof panels are renowned for their easy installation, lightweight construction and outstanding insulation and acoustic properties. Constructed from two ribbed steel plates with a polyurethane insulation core, these panels are versatile and sustainable and ideal for large industrial roofs. It increases the durability of industrial buildings, especially against severe weather conditions, by providing basic resistance against heat, humidity, water, sound and fire.

Types and Features of Sandwich Roof Panels

The industry offers a variety of sandwich roof panels, including PUR, PIR, Mineral Wool and EPS insulated options, available in 3-rib and 5-rib configurations with standard and concealed screw options, to meet the diverse needs of investors and designers. While special products such as membrane roof panels are designed for low-slope terrace roofs, GRP roof panels appeal to modern livestock and poultry facilities. PUR/PIR insulated sandwich roof panels stand out with their airtight properties that provide FM approved superior thermal insulation and enhanced fire resistance for greater safety in fire-prone environments.

Manufacturing Options and Customization

These panels can be customized in lengths ranging from 2 meters to 15 meters and thicknesses ranging from 40 mm to 200 mm. Available in a variety of colors, these panels offer both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits, including energy efficiency and compliance with international standards. Panels can be tailored to include features such as Clamshell, Lateral Lap and PVC/TPO Membrane options, ensuring they meet any specific requirements.

Innovative Products on the Market

  • Master Panel 1000R4: Known as Turkey's first true covered sandwich roof panel, this panel has a cover profile that protects the panel fasteners from external factors.
  • Master Panel Nova3 and Nova5: They are lateral overlapping sandwich roof panels with three ribs and five ribs respectively and allow roof coverings with a slope of 10%. The panel combination with lateral overlap facilitates quick installation.
  • Master Panel N5TM: Ideal for terrace roofs, this panel has a metal bottom surface and a membrane top surface, eliminating the need for post-installation waterproofing processes, thus saving time and labor.
  • Master Panel 1000R5T: Suitable for buildings with high fire risk, this five-ribbed panel enables the safe closure of large openings and offers high acoustic performance thanks to its rockwool inner filling.

Usage Areas

  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Social structures
  • Cold storages
  • Agricultural and livestock facilities
  • Power plants

Sandwich panel roof systems are a cornerstone in modern building techniques, providing a robust, insulated and aesthetically pleasing solution for roofing needs. Whether for industrial, commercial or residential applications, these panels ensure that buildings are equipped to withstand harsh environments while maintaining energy efficiency and safety standards.
Sandwich panel roofs continue to evolve and integrate advanced materials and technology to meet the demands of contemporary architectural and environmental standards. making them an indispensable choice for future-oriented building designs.