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Facade Systems

Sandwich Panel Facade Systems

The Power of Innovation in Rising Architecture

In modern construction, façade sandwich panels are revolutionizing the approach to building exteriors. These lightweight yet robust materials are at the forefront of construction technology, blending the best properties of their component materials to create an innovative cladding solution.

General Features of Facade Systems:

  • Composition and Versatility of Facade Panels: Available in a variety of surface textures, concealed and external connections, sandwich façade panels are crucial in improving the thermal, acoustic and waterproof insulation of a building, as well as fire safety. Beyond functionality, these panels contribute significantly to visual appeal and aesthetics, making them a preferred option for a variety of buildings, from social areas to military areas, agricultural areas to commercial areas.
  • Power in Layers; Sandwich Panel Structure:The basis of these systems lies in the insulation material, which is usually sandwiched between high-density metal surfaces and gives the panels their unique 'sandwich' structure. This design is critical not only in terms of mechanical strength and load-carrying capacity, but also in terms of the protection it provides against external factors. As a result, sandwich panels offer a practical and cost-effective solution for a building's weatherproofing.
  • Adaptation According to Technical Precision:Sandwich panels are specially produced by taking into account the thermal insulation material and surface coating to meet the heat, moisture, sound insulation and fire resistance requirements of a building. Whether mineral wool for superior sound insulation or polyurethane for unmatched thermal efficiency, panels can be customized to suit every architectural need.
  • Aesthetic and Durable Coatings:The aesthetic versatility of these panels is unmatched, with options ranging from embossed or plain aluminum in accordance with DIN 1725 and TSE 412 standards to galvanized sheets finished with weather-resistant paints. The façade can be a mixture of both or come with a special PVC membrane cover for special applications such as terrace roofs.

Industrial and Comfortable Aspects of Facade Panels

Supported by leading suppliers such as Remda İnşaat and Assan Panel, sandwich facade panels are improving buildings in the industrial sector and beyond, making spaces not only more efficient but also more comfortable. Available in a variety of textures and colors, these panels meet a wide range of thicknesses and properties, serving as the ultimate cladding material in terms of both aesthetics and function. Sandwich panel facade systems are a testament to the dynamic nature of construction technologies, offering buildings protection, energy efficiency and an aesthetic edge. They are a cornerstone in preparing architecture for the future against the evolving demands of environmental efficiency and design trends. As we continue to embrace these innovative solutions, sandwich panels stand as a beacon of modernity, ready to envelop the next generation of buildings with efficiency, safety and style.