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R5T Capped Roof Panel

R5T Capped Roof Panel 1
R5T Capped Roof Panel 2
R5T Capped Roof Panel 3

R5T Capped Roof Panel

Sandwich Panel Roof Systems

It is designed to allow wide openings to be crossed safely with its five-rib form, while being used safely in buildings where fire risk is high and in buildings where maximum fire resistance is required.

  • The biggest advantage of the R5 capped panel is that the panel fasteners are protected from external factors thanks to a cap profile covering the panel junction point, and water leakage problems that occur over time both at the panel junction and in the fasteners are avoided.
  • It can be mounted laterally without using a cap, or a cap can be installed later if desired.
    It also provides a visual advantage by making the cap profiles in different colors upon request.
  • Roof covering can be done with a minimum slope of 7% using R5, and it can also be used as a facade panel, as the cap profile hides the fasteners.
  • It offers high acoustic performance thanks to its rockwool inner filling material.
Most Useful : 1000 mm
Production Location : Balıkesir
Minimum Size : 3 m
Maximum Length : Subject to Shipping Conditions
Rockwool Density : 100 (±10) kg/m3
Rockwool Thickness : 50-60-70-80-100-120-130-150 mm
Heat Conduction Coefficient λ (EN 13165) : 0,022-0,024 W/mK W / Mk
Rockwool Flammability Class (EN 13501-1) : A1
Water Absorption (EN ISO 354) : 2% by volume
Temperature Resistance : 600 ºC
Vapor Diffusion Resistance (EN 12086) : 1
Rock Wool Filled