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S5 Solar Panel

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S5 Solar Panel

Sandwich Panel Roof Panels

S5 Solar Panel aims to help reduce the effects of climate change and sustainability for future generations with easy, fast and energy efficient building solutions.

  • With the special clamp system of S5 Solar Panel, solar panels can be mounted directly without drilling the sandwich panel surface.
  • By eliminating corrosion and waterproofing risks caused by screw holes in buildings, the structural integrity of the roofs is protected and the life of the structure is extended.
  • With its warranty of up to 20 years, S5 Solar Panel provides superior fire protection as well as unique heat efficiency and energy saving.
  • With its advanced daylight lighting and integrated rooftop solar energy system, it offers a 100% sustainable alternative for buildings.
  • Thanks to its special rib system, it is compatible with photovoltaic modules of all sizes.
  • It has the advantage of production in the İskenderun location.
  • Quick installation can be made thanks to the lateral overlapping panel combination.
  • Optionally, a capped system combination can be made.
Most Useful : 1000 mm
Production Location : İskenderun
Minimum Size : 3 m
Maximum Length : Subject to Shipping Conditions
Heat Conduction Coefficient λ (EN 13165) : 0,022-0,024 W/mK W / Mk
Water Absorption (EN ISO 354) : 2% by volume (168 hours)
Vapor Diffusion Resistance (EN 12086) : 30-100
Polyurethane/Polyisocyanurate Density (EN 1602) : 40 (±2) kg / m3 / 41 (±2) kg/m3
Polyurethane/Polyisocyanurate Thickness : 40-50-60-70-80-100 mm
Dimensional Stability (EN 13165) : Level DS (TH) 11
Flammability Class (EN 13501) : Polyurethane B-s2,d0 / Polyisocyanurate B-s1,d0
Closed cell ratio (EN 14509) : %95
Temperature Resistance : -200 /+110 ºC
Polyurethane Filled