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Lifelines and Suspended Work Systems

Lifelines and Suspended Work Systems

Lifelines and Suspended Work Systems

We use licensed products of FallProtec, a Luxembourg-based lifeline company. We manufacture all our lifelines and other solutions with products that comply with internationally recognized standards.

All our projects have a 10-year warranty; We establish optimum and necessary systems with our rich product range. We never design or install lifeline and anchor systems that we do not feel comfortable with, that we are not sure about and that we cannot use ourselves. Lifelines are installed by taking all safety precautions with our own trained and certified installation team. After installation, we provide training with our instructors in order to work safely on the system and use the system correctly. The materials used by our expert engineers and assembly teams comply with CE standards.

 Lifelines and Safety Solutions at Height

Suspended Working Systems: SafeAccess is an effective suspended access system for facade maintenance and cleaning works. It provides versatile use at building entrances, courtyards and main facades of buildings.

Vertical Lifelines: Vertical SecuRail is a fixed vertical lifeline to provide access to any structure. When mounted on an existing staircase, it protects the user better than existing safety measures.

Anchor Applications: SafeAnchor is a device that creates a spring-loaded and safe connection point for facilities that care about aesthetics. SafeAnchor is embedded in concrete, the anchor eye is opened with a simple movement.

Personal Protective Equipment: Safety Belts and Lanyards, Retractable Fall Arrests, Case Study: Safety Solutions at Height in Kapsarc Project