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W Facade Panel

W Facade Panel 1
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W Facade Panel

Sandwich Panel Facade Systems

It is designed to provide the easiest and fastest solution to achieve high energy savings.

  • High performance insulation filler
  • It is suitable for use on facades thanks to its system that hides the facade panel fastener.
  • Thanks to its ability to be applied both horizontally and vertically, it offers installation flexibility and beautiful solutions to designers.
  • It is mostly produced with micro printing to obtain an aesthetic appearance on the facade.
  • There are factory-formed corner panels and a wide range of cover profile options that can be bent vertically or at an angle, depending on the profile type.
  • Thanks to the use of n-Pentane gas in the inflation of polyurethane, no harm is caused to the nature.
Most Useful : 1000 mm
Production Location : İstanbul-İskenderun
Minimum Size : 3 m
Maximum Length : Subject to Shipping Conditions
Heat Conduction Coefficient λ (EN 13165) : SmartCore: 0,019 W/m K – PIR&PIR Elite: 0,022-0,024 W/m K W / Mk
Water Absorption (EN ISO 354) : 2% by volume (168 hours)
Temperature Resistance : -200 /+110 ºC
Vapor Diffusion Resistance (EN 12086) : 30-100
Dimensional Stability (EN 13165) : Level DS (TH) 11
Flammability Class (EN 13501) : SmartCore&PIR Elite: B-s1,d0 – PIR: B-s2,d0
Closed cell ratio (EN 14509) : %95
Density (EN 1602) : SmartCore&PIR Elite: 41(±2) kg/m3 – PIR: 41(±2) kg/m3
Thickness : 50-60-70-80-100 mm
Polyurethane Filled