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38-151-7 Acoustic Trapeze

38-151-7 Acoustic Trapeze 1
38-151-7 Acoustic Trapeze 2

38-151-7 Acoustic Trapeze


It is a single layer trapezoid made of painted galvanized sheet metal or aluminum in 38/151 form. 6 ribs net application width 755 mm. It can be produced as.

  • Color selection can be made from the RAL catalogue.
  • There are surface paint (Polyester, PvdF, Plastisol, PVC) options suitable for the place of use.
  • 6-rib net application width can be produced as 755 mm.
  • Can be used as the final layer in sound insulation solutions.
  • Acoustic trapezoidal coatings are produced not only in the 38/151 form but also in other forms.
Most Useful : 906(Tolerance: ±3 mm.) mm
Place of Use : Roof and Facade
Production Location : İstanbul
Metal Properties : Assan Aluminum production High Condition AW 3000 series aluminum, Galvanized Sheet, Prepainted Galvanized Sheet (top coat polyester paint over primer)
Metal Thickness : Min.0.50 mm.-Max.0.80 mm. Prepainted Galvanized Sheet/Galvanized Sheet Min.0.40 mm.-Max.0.80 mm. Aluminum
Sheet Length : Min. 1000 mm.-Max.12.000 mm.