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A Revolutionary Insulation Technology

Smartcore is a new generation insulation technology that offers 110% more heat efficiency than standard rock wool and 25% more heat efficiency than PUR filling, with a lambda value of 0.018 W/mK. This feature makes Smartcore have one of the best lambda values among closed cell insulation fillers. Smartcore insulated panels allow you to achieve higher thermal performance with less thickness, reduce working time at height during installation, make project planning and management more predictable, and shorten installation time.


What is Lambda Value?

Lambda value is a unit that measures the thermal conductivity of a material. A low lambda value indicates that the material has a high insulation capacity. With insulated panels produced with Smartcore technology, we offer unique energy efficiency, superior fire safety and long life in buildings. Smartcore filled sandwich panels enable the construction of environmentally friendly buildings by reducing energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions thanks to their low thermal conductivity value.

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Advantages of Smartcore Technology

  • Unrivalled Building Performance: Smartcore offers insulated panels protected by industry-leading warranty terms. These panels provide high performance with a warranty of up to 20 years.
  • Quick Assembly Opportunity: Smartcore insulated panels contribute to the timely completion of the project by providing fast and easy assembly.
  • More Living Space: Smartcore's low lambda value allows you to get more living space with thinner panels compared to standard materials of the same thickness.
  • Less Transportation Costs: The low weight of Smartcore panels reduces transportation costs and facilitates site organization.
  • Superior Fire Insulation Performance: Smartcore panels offer superior fire insulation performance proven by B-s2d0 reaction to fire class testing.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Smartcore technology helps achieve better performance in green building rating systems and increases resource efficiency.

Smartcore new generation insulation technology increases the energy efficiency of buildings by providing high thermal performance with thinner and lighter panels, ensures fire safety and reduces the impact on the environment. These features make Smartcore a preferred insulation solution in the modern construction industry.

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